Second Administrative Level Boundaries

Geospatial Information Section & Statistics Division

Data by Country

51–100 of 197 Member States
Title NMA Datasets
Dominica Lands and Surveys Division 0
Dominican Republic (the) Instituto Cartografíco Militar 1
Ecuador Military Geographic Institute of Ecuador (Instituto Geográfico Militar de Ecuador) 1
Egypt Egyptian Survey Authority 0
El Salvador Instituto Geográfico y del Catastro Nacional 0
Equatorial Guinea 0
Eritrea 0
Estonia Estonian Land Board (Maa-amet) 0
Eswatini Surveyor General's Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment 1
Ethiopia Ethiopian Geospatial Information Agency 1
Fiji Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources 0
Finland National Land Survey of Finland (Maanmittauslaitos) 0
France Institut national de l’information géographique et forestière (IGN) (National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information) 0
Gabon Institut National de Cartographie 1
Gambia (the) Department of Lands and Surveys 0
Georgia National Agency of Public Registry (Sajaro Reestris Erovnuli Saagento) 0
Germany Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie) 1
Ghana Lands Commission 2
Greece National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A (Kthmatologio A.E ) 0
Grenada Lands and Surveys Division 0
Guatemala Instituto Geográfico Nacional 1
Guinea Institut Géographique National 1
Guinea-Bissau Direcção Geral de Geografia e Cadastro 1
Guyana 0
Haiti Centre National de l'information Geo-Spatiale 1
Holy See (the) 0
Honduras Direccion General de Catastro y Geografia 0
Hungary Department of Geodesy Remote Sensing and Land Offices (Földmérési, Távérzékelési és Földhivatali Főosztály) 1
Iceland National Land Survey of Iceland (Landmælingar Íslands) 1
India Survey of India, Athibarkala Estate 0
Indonesia Geospatial Information Agency (Badan Informasi Geospasial) 0
Iran (Islamic Republic of) National Cartographic Centre of Iran 0
Iraq 1
Ireland Ordnance Survey Ireland (Suirbhéireacht Ordnáis Éireann) 0
Israel Survey of Israel 0
Italy Italian Military Geographic Institute (Istituto Geografico Militare Italiano) 0
Jamaica National Spatial Data Management Division 0
Japan Geospatial Information Authority of Japan 0
Jordan Royal Jordanian Geographic Center 1
Kazakhstan Agency for Land Resources Management 0
Kenya 0
Kiribati Ministry of Home Affairs and Rural Development,Land Management Division 0
Kuwait Survey Department 0
Kyrgyzstan State Agency of Cartography & Geodesy 1
Lao People's Democratic Republic (the) National Geographic Department 1
Latvia Latvian Geospatial Information Agency (Latvijas Geotelpiskas Informacijas Agentura) 0
Lebanon Direction des Affaires Géographiques-DAG 0
Lesotho Department of Lands, Surveys & Physical Planning 1
Liberia Survey Department 0
Libya Survey Department of Libya 1

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