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The Instituto Pan-Americano de Geografia e Historia on-boards the SALB Programme as the regional node for the Américas

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The SALB programme of the United Nations and the Instituto Pan-American Insitute of Geography and History discussed a partnership toward the achievement of the objectives of SALB in making available a world-wide geospatial data on administrative boundaries. The collaboration was agreed at the beginning of March 2019 and the Instituto Pan-Americano de Geografia e Historia has already started to reach out to its constituents to request their support in contributing their data to the SALB programme.

The close cooperation between the UN and PAIGH is further reinforced by the outreach and further coordination with Member States in the region by the Economic Commission for Latin Americas and the Caribbean.

To facilitate further the progress of the SALB Programme in the region, the Note Verbale announcement sent on yearly basis on SALB to the Permanent Missions of the United Nations is now also available in Spanish.

We look forward to receive more contributions to the SALB Programme from the Américas region.

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