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SALB in Addis Ababa for GGIM-Africa

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The 3rd Meeting of GGIM Africa was organised concurrently with AfricaGIS 2017, both events were hosted by the Economic Commission for Africa, in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia during the last week of November 2017.

The SALB was invited by the Economic Commission for Africa in the context of the Expert Group Meeting on Standards and for the GGIM Africa Plenary.

During the Expert Group Meeting on Standards, the presentation on SALB detailed how the ongoing efforts of the initiative aim at the standardisation of the collection, storage, scale, format and dissemination of a global geospatial information product on administrative boundaries.

During the GGIM Plenary, an update on the current status of incoming contributions to SALB was provided with respect to African Member States. It is to be noted that the SALB programme is one of the key pillar of GGIM Africa, as reported at the Seventh Session of UN-GGIM in New York in August 2017 by the Chair of UN-GGIM Africa, Mr Sutlan Ayla Mohamed. In the past and since the resuming of its activities, Africa has shown good participation and sustained engagement to the SALB programme.

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